Apparatus Sales

Emergency Equipment Sales & Service, LLC has been in the business of providing the highest quality Emergency Vehicles to our region's customers since our inception.  

Our experience in fire apparatus began with 3D Manufacturing many years ago, even prior to the actual formation of EES, then moved on to Sutphen Fire Apparatus.  In 2013, talks began and an agreement was made to transition to Seagrave Fire Apparatus.  In June 2019, the choice was made to represent HME Ahrens-Fox; one of the most legendary names with the most respected reputation in the industry.   

Our ambulances experience is just as storied... When EES was formed, we represented Osage Ambulances up to a point when their territories were realigned. We then did our homework and found a great fit representing two of the most innovative and safest ambulance manufacturers on the market; Excellance, Inc and Miller Coach ambulances.

As you can see, EES has a long standing reputation of only representing the industry's safest and time tested emergency vehicle offerings.  You can rest assured, that when we present an apparatus offering to your agency, it is here for the long-term and we are here to support your purchase long after the sale.