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Contract Services

Emergency Equipment Sales & Service, LLC offers a variety of contract-based services and sales with the purpose of providing you what you need at a fixed price, without all of the normal red-tape.

For our New Jersey Customers: EES is a registered and participating vendor under New Jersey START Co-operative Purchasing Contracts for the following items:

T2732 - Maintenance/Repair and Replacement Portable Commercial and Mobile Generators

  • NIGP Code: 936-39 Generators, Portable and Stationary, Including Parts and Accessories Maintenance and Repair

T0126 - OEM & NON OEM Maintenance & Repair Services for Light/Medium Duty Vehicles

  • NIGP Code: 928-30 Cooling, Heating, and Ventilating System, A/C System, Hoses, Water Pump, Radiator, Heater and Accessories, Ventilation, etc. Maintenance and Repair

  • NIGP Code: 929-47 Lifts and Hoists Maintenance and Repair

  • NIGP Code: 928-49 Hydraulics Pump, Hydraulic Motor, Valves, Gauges, etc. Maintenance and Repair 

T0790 - Firefighter Protective Clothing & Equipment

  • NIGP Code: 340-00 Fire Protection Equipment and Supplies

       - C & S Supply, Inc

       - GFG Instrumentation

       - Protective Industrial Products, Inc. (PIP)

       - Avon Protection Systems, Inc. - Thermal Imagers

  • NIGP Code: 340-07 Breathing Equipment for Firemen, Including Mobile Air Filler Stations

       - Avon Protection Systems, Inc. - Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)​

  • NIGP Code: 340-34 Fire Protection Clothing: Turnout Coats, Bunker Pants, Hoods, Gloves, etc

                 - Innotex Corp.

                 - Ricochet Manufacturing, Inc.       

For our Pennsylvania Customers: EES is a registered and participating vendor for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's COSTARS Cooperative Purchasing Program for the following categories:

  • COSTARS-12 Emergency Responder Loose Supplies

       - Avon Protection Systems, Inc. (SCBA & Thermal Imagers)​

       - GFG Instrumentation

       - Cummins / Onan (Generators & Parts)

       - Command Light

       - Ricochet Manufacturing, Inc.

       - Occunomix International

       - Kochek, Inc.

       - Harrington, Inc.

       - Elkhart Brass

       - Haven South / AFAST Nozzles & Pipes

       - C&S Supply

       - Better Tools (EZ Spanner)

       - Ziamatic Corporation (Zico)

       - US Coupling, Inc.

       - Fire Research Corporation

  • COSTARS-13 Emergency Responder Vehicles

       - Excellance, Inc (Ambulances & Specialty Vehicles)​

       - HME Ahrens-Fox 

EES is authorized by the respective manufacturers we represent to offer a full line of Emergency Vehicles through the HGACBuy Cooperative Purchasing Program.  The Cooperative Purchasing Program (HGACBuy) of the Houston-Galveston Area Council of Governments is solicits and offers the furnishing of thousands of various products and services. These products and services may be purchased by any of more than 6,000 member local governments, districts, agencies in 44 states across the nation.

Contract No.: AM10-16 - Excellance, Inc

- Ambulances (New - Type I, Type III, EHD)

- Ambulance Remounts (Type I, Type III, EHD) 

Click here to review AM10-16 contract and pricing for Excellance, Inc. Ambulances and Remounts.

Contract No.: FS12-19 - HME Ahrens-Fox, Incorporated

- Fire Service Apparatus (All Types)

Click here to review FS12-19 contract and pricing for HME Ahrens-Fox Fire Apparatus.

For any inquiries or intent to purchase services or products from any of our contract-based offerings, please contact us at 1-877-337-8885 or email our sales team for more information at

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