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With over 30 years of experience in operating, repairing, and the sales consultation of fire apparatus, Robert Evans saw a need to create a better service center in the Philadelphia & NYC Metropolitan Region, and thus he founded Emergency Equipment Sales & Service, LLC.  Emergency Equipment Sales & Service, LLC (EES for Short) quickly grew to be known as one of the regions most capable Service Centers for all types of Emergency Vehicles.  As the business grew, several divisions were created to support the needs of our region's agencies.  Today, EES is a true one stop shop for all of your needs; Apparatus, Ambulances, Equipment, Gear, Supplies, and of course, Service and Repairs.

Our Vision.


Since our management team is made up entirely of current and retired members of the Fire & EMS field, we know firsthand how valuable your time is.  So we set out to create a one-top-shop so that you don't need to spend extra time calling vendor after vendor for all of your needs.

The EES team is here to provide you with only the best, most reliable, and most importantly, cost effective solutions to all of your agencies needs.  We take every issue we are called on seriously and give your needs our utmost attention.  We all know that when the alarm rings or the pagers go off, you have more important things to be worried about then the reliability of your fleet and your equipment.  So leave that worrying to us; that is why we are here.

EES is aligned with only the most reputable vendors and suppliers in the industry.  We want to be able to offer you only the finest in vehicles, equipped with the most dependable equipment available, and maintained by the most qualified service technicians possible.  This is the EES Vision and this is what you can expect from us.  Take your time to focus on your personnel, and leave the "stuff" to us.

Company Profile.


Emergency Equipment Sales & Service, LLC is headquartered in Ewing, New Jersey just minutes from all of the area's major highways.  EES is a registered vendor on the New Jersey Cooperative Purchasing Agreement for a multitude of products and services, as well as a registered participant in the Pennsylvania COSTARS program.  EES is also a New Jersey Licensed Auto Dealer as well.  

EES employees a full time staff to operate and manage our Service and Parts Division, our Equipment Sales Division, and our Ambulance Sales Division.  Our Fire Apparatus Sales Division is headed by the President of the Company and assisted by the  Apparatus Sales Managers.  EES employees several Full-Time Service Technicians and one Part-Time Service Technician.  Additionally, EES has several Regional Sales Consultants who work on a per-diem/commission basis, directly interacting the needs of the agencies in their specific areas. 

EES is proud to serve as an Authorized Dealer and Service Center for HME Ahrens-Fox, Excellance Inc., and FR Conversions.  EES is also authorized to represent over 100 other equipment, gear, and supply manufacturers and vendors.  Please visit those respective sections of our website for more information.

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