SUPERVAC - Tiger Tooth Blade

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The new Super Vac Tiger Toothblade is the most versatile blade for the fire and rescue service.  The Tiger Tooth is a diamond blade available in 14" diameter with a 1" arbor that can be used on a variety of cutoff saws.  The Super Vac Tiger Tooth blade has a voracious cut that goes through a variety of materials including residential roofing, concrete, rebar, and sheet metal – all without the use of water for cooling purposes.  The new electroplated core technology in the blade allows the Tiger Tooth to outlast and outperform other blades on the market.


Testimonial from South San Francisco Fire Department

 I wanted to express my sincere appreciation on your recommendation on our resent purchases the 14 inch Super Vac Tiger Tooth blade.  Yesterday South San Francisco Fire Department was dispatched on a medical. In route we were informed we had a victim trapped in a piece of machinery that was 8' feet off the ground. Upon our arrival we found the victim crushed and entangled in the machinery to the point that death was immediately determined. The victim had been working on the machinery when it was accidentally turned on thus completely entangled the victim.  It took 4 hours to remove the body from the machinery, the use of our cut off saw with the Tiger blade lasted the entire time, never got too hot and was able to cut through steel "I" beams and round steel.  The cost of the blade paid for it self on this one call.  If we used a "normal" blade it would have had to be replaced multiple times.  I have put in a request to have our entire cut off saws place your Tiger Tooth blade on immediately.