SuperVac 18" Water Turbine PPV Fan, 5Hp

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Super Vac’s WT Series units are water powered positive pressure ventilation fans that are available in 4 sizes. Water turbine motors power these units for use without electricity or gasoline making them great in hazardous locations with unknown gases.
Powerful enough for extreme conditions, these fans are perfect for districts that include docks, shipping facilities, and large commercial structures that may require ventilation of hazardous atmospheres.
A seven-point blade creates a powerful cone of airflow on the WT series. This cast aluminum airfoil blade holds up better than plastic in the high radiant heat of structure fires.
Durability and safety was in mind when this fan was designed. It features a steel frame, a cast aluminum blade, and a heavy gauge steel grill. A baked on powder coat paint job ensures a long lasting finish.
Transportation is easy with inboard mounted cushion tires that enable the user to go up and down stairs and maneuver corners with its “zero catch point” design. A step brake locks both wheels into position for a solid base while in use.

Size: 18"

Power: Water, 100-250 PSI

HP: 5.5

H"xW"xD": 21.75x22.5x18.75

Output: 16,830 CFM