Super Vac Dewalt 60v 18" Rechargeable PPV Fan

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Your DeWalt arsenal just grew. Never in firefighter history has one battery fan worked together with your department’s other DeWalt battery-operated tools. Our all-new PPV, powered by dual DeWalt batteries, is only 46 pounds but still Super Vac tough. 


This 18” variable-speed battery fan, is one of the smallest and lightest on the market. Not only can this PPV fit into tight spaces, but it can be stored on its side to leverage compartment space that often gets unused. 


Super Vac has all the angles of attack covered... and then some. You won’t find another battery fan that offers 180 degrees of tilt like the ever-versatile V18-BD. Just this one feature truly sets this battery fan apart from the others. 


Equipped with dual DeWalt FLEXVOLT batteries (9Ah or 12Ah), the V18-BD features one of the most swappable PPV interfaces on the market. 120-240V AC operation is available upon request.