RescueTech Single Pulley

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RT Pulley Design

Rescue Technology's technical rescue pulleys are built to last. Many of our Pulleys are designed without the double bend sideplates found on most pulleys and replaces them with a continuous radius bend. This bend prevents the "un-springing" of the sideplates found in traditional double bend sideplates. The Rescue Technology pulleys also feature weight reducing holes in the side plates. Most of our pulleys also accomodate ropes up to 5/8". This capacity means that one pulley will handle all of todays NFPA General and Technical Use Ropes.

Bearing vs Bushing

In rescue loads, the friction difference between bushings and bearings in minimal. It is only with loads that are greater then 5,000lbf that you begin to see the difference in friction. Ball bearings can dent the bearing race (brinelling). Sealed bearings can become contaminated with grit and seize. Oil Impregnated bronze bushings are stronger because there is a constant interface between the shaft, bushing and pulley sheave. The bronze bushing is made from soft material that will conform to the contaminant.

RescueTech NFPA 2" Single

For ropes up to 1/2" Diameter. 

A pulley that works well for all rescue and work needs. A compact, NFPA General Use 2" pulley that will fit almost all rescue needs. Available in red or black.

RescueTech NFPA 2 1/2" Single

For ropes up to 1/2" Diameter

A new high-strength, long wearing design. Sideplates bend to the 3 carabiner rigging point reduces flexing and stresses put on bends during high load. 3/16" Sideplates are designed to protect the rope as it travels through the pulley. 2 1/2" diameter sheaves are designed for smooth running effciency.

RescueTech NFPA 3" Single

For ropes up to 5/8" Diameter

The newest addition to our pulley line that will accept ropes up to 5/8" diameter. Built to the same precision standards and quality of our other pulleys.