Technical Rescue Air Cart (Hansen)

Technical Rescue Air Cart (Hansen)

SKU: 2009114H
Separate high (275 psi) and low (125 psi) pressure regulated air system. Additional high pressure inlet port allows connection to outside air source for extended use applications. High pressure isolation valve and toggle switch allows user to switch between common or isolated air sources. Operable via cylinder air or mobile air truck. The Command air system includes two connecting hose whips with bleed valves and inline check valves, adjustable heavy duty high flow pressure regulator with relief valve, dual pressure gauges for cylinder pressure alarm, breathing air manifold with quick-disconnect Hansen couplings. 275 psi or 12 psi pressure relief valve allows operation with left cylinder, right cylinder, or High Pressure inlet. Dimensions: 35 H x 20.5 W x 15 D. Weight: 54 lbs. (without cylinders) Respirator Regulator: 0-5500 psi inlet; 0-125 psi outlet. Tool Regulator, High Pressure: - 6000 psi inlet; 0 125 psi outlet. Flow rate: 80 cfm @ 120 psi. Outlet Fittings: Four 4 - " Quick-Disconnect Hansen Fittings. Accepts cylinders up to 4500 psi pressure rating (not included)

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