MACK-1 Air Distribution System

MACK-1 Air Distribution System

SKU: 2009131
All MACK- Series units start with the MACK-1 basic functions. One or two SCBA cylinders (not included) provide air to the system; a CGA-347 high pressure inlet is also provided to allow continuous operation from truck mounted air cylinders. A low pressure regulator provides 0-125 psi air to a four outlet respirator manifold. A low pressure alarm whistle and a 6 volt DC lamp to illuminate the case interior are provided as standard. 

The MACK units have been designed as a series of portable air distribution boxes to meet the most demanding air handling needs of the Fire/Rescue industry. All models have been manufactured to provide emergency low pressure breathing air from either SCBA cylinders or from a bank of large storage cylinders located on Fire Department vehicles. More advanced models offer multiple air pressure regulators for confined space rescue operations, mid-range pressure for rescue tool devices, and high pressure emergency air cylinder filling systems.
* 5000 psi
* 4-outlet portable air distribution manifold and regulator with respirator couplings
* 2 high pressure inlets with connect whips
* 3rd incoming high pressure port with CGA-347 nut and pressure cap
* Low pressure alarm whistle

Pricing includes 1/2" Hansen or Schrader fittings (PLEASE SPECIFY). Other fittings available, please call for pricing.

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