FR Conversions ProMaster 3500 Pioneer II Type II Ambulance

FR Conversions ProMaster 3500 Pioneer II Type II Ambulance


Sturdy ProMaster Chassis
Like the Pioneer II model, the Pioneer II Elite ambulance was designed by EMTs for EMTs and built on the reliable Ram ProMaster 3500 extended chassis. This makes it very sturdy, durable and safe.


Front Wheel Drive
One of the hallmarks of the Ram ProMaster is its standard front wheel drive that saves space and puts power in the driver’s hands. This sought-after feature is carried over to the Pioneer II Elite. The front wheel drive layout distributes the weight of the vehicle over the front wheels giving it more space throughout the ambulance interior. It also helps drivers, patients and EMTs feel more secure, especially in harsh driving conditions. And it enables the ambulance to respond to emergencies in winter weather or low traction conditions without sacrificing safety or control.

More Interior Space
The Pioneer II Elite ambulance boasts more interior space than other Type 2 ambulances. The interior measures 76 inches in height, giving paramedics and EMTs plenty of space to store everything they need without it being too overcrowded for transporting patients.

Quality Lightweight Cabinetry
All the cabinetry is brushed aluminum. It is also installed over a substructure, which is welded from
tubular aluminum, making the cabinets sturdy yet lightweight.

Excellent Payload Capacity
Due to the lightweight nature of the cabinets and other features inside, the Pioneer II Elite ambulance gains excellent payload capacity. It can hold up to 3,450 pounds. This allows paramedics and EMTs to transport both patients and necessary equipment easily.

Fuel Efficiency
EMS agencies and ambulance service providers will appreciate its increased fuel efficiency, with its
Ram ProMaster chassis and lightweight interior cabin. The ProMaster 3500 can deliver up to 15 miles per gallon with its V6 engine.

Low Rear Entry
The rear entry is just 21 inches off the ground. Thus, allowing paramedics and EMTs to safely load and unload patients on stretchers, including heavier patients. Its design also reduces the risk of back injuries to paramedics while transporting patients in and out of the ambulance.

Safer and More Efficient Emergency Transportation
The new Pioneer II Elite is an innovative, roomy, safe, and efficient ambulance van upfit that will benefit any ambulance or emergency medical services provider. It is sturdy, fuel efficient, and designed to respond to patient needs. It features powerful front wheel drive, lightweight interior materials, and an enhanced payload capacity.