Akron Style 627 4-Way Hydrant Valve

SKU: akrn627

This hydrant valve allows you to provide water to the fire at hydrant pressure, while waiting for a second pumper to hook up and increase flow and pressure.


4-Way Hydrant Valve features include:


  • Flow efficient 3-1/2'' waterway
  • 75 psi maximum pressure differential during changeover
  •  300 psi maximum operating pressure
  • 1000 GPM maximum flow when changing ball position


How it Works:


Step 1 Attach the 4-Way Hydrant Valve to the hydrant and forward lay to the engine at fire scene.


Step 2 Attach a hose from the 4-Way Hydrant Valve to the intake on the engine at the hydrant


Step 3 Attach a hose from the discharge on the engine at hydrant to the 4-Way Hydrant Valve inlet. Establish re-circulating flow at hydrant pressure.


Step 4 Rotate the handwheel on top of the 4-Way Hydrant Valve to introduce pressurized flow from the engine at the hydrant to the engine at the fire scene. Increase pressure on the pumper to increase flow as required.


* Hydrant Inlet is 4-1/2" NH.  Please call to place order for other sizes.


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