Akron Brass Style 3482StreamMaster II Electric Fire Monitor 1250 GPM

Akron Brass Style 3482StreamMaster II Electric Fire Monitor 1250 GPM

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Multiple Configurations and options available. Contact EES or EES Sales Rep for more information and pricing.


The Style 3482 StreamMaster™ II mid-range water cannon monitor represents the next level of innovation in fire monitor design technology from Akron Brass. With its multiple patent pending design, the Style 3482 provides efficient flows up to 1250 GPM (4800 LPM). These firefighting monitors have a unique waterway design that provide balanced forces on the outlet and reduced friction for the stream resulting in exceptional fire suppression performance over a wide range of flows in a compact configuration. Standard absolute position sensors provide advanced features like programmable obstacle avoidance, oscillation, and stow/deploy positions. The onboard, fully sealed CAN control system features “plug and play” installation with built-in wireless capability and a USB port for quick software updates in the field. The 355-degree rotation and 165-degree elevation range can be configured for deck or aerial applications, making this high-performance compact fire monitor a universal piece of firefighter equipment.

  • Specifications

    Style 3482
    Certification(s) CE
    Warranty 5 years
    Weight 41.7 lbs. (18.9 kg)
    Material Pyrolite
    Brand StreamMaster
    Width 11 5/8'' (295 mm)
    Height 15'' (381 mm)
    Depth 12 1/2'' (318 mm)
    Inlet 3" 150 lb. flange (DN80 PN16 flange)
    Outlet 2 1/2'' Male (65 mm)
    Flow (GPM) 1250
    Flow (LPM) 4800
    Volts 12 V or 24 V
  • Features

    • Compact industry-leading operating envelope (6", 152 mm)
    • Lightweight Pyrolite construction
    • Simple “plug and play” installation
    • Integrated wireless compatibility, utilizing the optional 3600 hand held remote control
    • Waterproof control system with locking connectors
    • User programmable obstacle avoidance
    • User programmable stow and deploy positions
    • Superior range of motion
    • Rotation range 355°
    • Elevation range +120°, - 45°
    • 12V or 24V operation
    •  Compatible with 3406 Electric Riser
    • Now available with permanently attached handwheel overrides as an option (must specify)
    • Patents #8,678,022, 9,233,265, 9,675,826, 102-122150, 4485, 2,876,669, 104620035B
    • Applications/Solutions

    • Emergency Responder OEMs
    • Fire OEMs
    • Firefighting - Structural