Akron Brass Style 3479 Gemini Electric Monitor 4" flange x 2.5" NH outlet12V

Akron Brass Style 3479 Gemini Electric Monitor 4" flange x 2.5" NH outlet12V

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Multiple Configurations and options available. Contact EES or EES Sales Rep for more information and pricing.


The 3479 Gemini Electric Monitor is constructed of Pyrolite with a compact split waterway designed with cast-in turning vanes. The Gemini Monitor provides high performance and exceptional durability.


The 1000gpm rated monitor is to be an all electric split waterway monitor constructed of lightweight Pyrolite with a 150-pound flange or NPT threaded inlet shall be provided. The outlet shall be a 2.5" threaded outlet with cast-in turning vanes in each elbow and friction loss not to exceed 10 psi at 1000 gpm and also equipped with a pressure gauge. The monitor shall have fully enclosed motors and gears with manual overrides for both horizontal and vertical rotation. The manual overrides shall have captive cranks, one for horizontal and one for vertical rotation, and may be used simultaneously. The monitor is not to exceed 20" high and 13 1/4" wide. The outlet vertical rotation shall be from 45° below to 90° above horizontal with adjustable stops. The adjustable horizontal rotation stops shall be preset at 90° left and right of center and a rotation of 348° shall be possible. The electronic control system shall include two multi-pin connectors for the monitor and apparatus interface and have an IP65 rated enclosure with pressure equalization device. The electronic control system shall be capable of communicating on the J1939 CAN bus system and have nine digital inputs and three digital outputs that can be used for monitor control. Each operator interface shall control the vertical and horizontal position of the monitor, and the pattern of the nozzle using toggle switches or membrane type push buttons. The operator interface will also have a toggle switch or membrane type push buttons to command the monitor.

  • Specifications

    Style 3479
    Weight 46 lbs (20.8 kg)
    Type Electrical
    Material Pyrolite
    Brand Gemini
    Width 13.25in (336.6mm)
    Height 20in (508mm)
    Depth 10.19in (258.83mm)
  • Features

    - 135° vertical travel and 348° horizontal travel, both with adjustable stops
    - Manual override
    - 12 or 24 volt (24 volt version CE approved - Must specify)
    - Wireless remote control available