Akron Brass Style 3463 FireFox Electric Monitor

Akron Brass Style 3463 FireFox Electric Monitor

SKU: akrn3463

Multiple Configurations and options available. Contact EES or EES Sales Rep for more information and pricing.


The FireFox Electric Monitor from Akron Brass is a technologically advanced remote controlled monitor with flows up to 500 gpm (1900 lpm). This monitor can be used for wildland firefighting with CAFS nozzle options, in addition to deicing, arena protection, fixed site facilities and many other applications.


Full package includes: 12V or 24V - Monitor, Logic Box, Low Flow Nozzle, CAN Joystick with trigger, 2" (51mm) Electric Valve and Quick Disconnect.

  • Features

    The FireFox Monitor is designed to meet various water, foam, CAFs and dry chemical needs. This versatile monitor can be used for wildland firefighting, mini pumpers, crash truck turrets, deicing, fixed site facilities, arena protection and many other unique applications.

    - 320° horizontal travel with adjustable stops at ± 90°
    - 135° vertical travel (+90° to -45° and -20°)

    Monitor Options: (must specify)
    - Automatic oscillation and stow
    - Remote 2'' or 21/2'' electric valve
    - 12 or 24 volt (24 volt CE version available)
    - 2'' quick disconnect
    - Position feedback

    Nozzle Options:
    -Fog nozzle adjustable or fixed flow baffle up to 500 gpm (1900 lpm)
    -Flat dispersed pattern option (available for any fog nozzle)
    -Dry chemical nozzle
    -Foam tubes
    -Smooth bore tip with mini-shaper