Akron Brass Style 3433 Apollo™ Hi-Riser™ Dual-Inlet Portable/Deck Fire Monitor

Akron Brass Style 3433 Apollo™ Hi-Riser™ Dual-Inlet Portable/Deck Fire Monitor

SKU: akrn3433

Multiple Configurations and options available. Contact EES or EES Sales Rep for more information and pricing.


The Apollo Hi-Riser includes the outstanding features of the standard Apollo™ Single and Apollo™ Dual with the added benefit of height.

In deck mount mode, the Hi-Riser™ can rise above light bars and other obstructions on top of the apparatus, eliminating the need for extra deck mount extension devices of telescoping pipes. Simply pull a pin to elevate the nozzle 24'' above the deck.

A one-step disconnect easily takes the Apollo Hi-Riser from deck to portable operation.

In portable mode, the sturdy ground base helps maintain stability throughout the entire operating range up to 800 gpm.


Full package includes: Apollo Hi-Riser Dual-Inlet Portable and Deck Monitor with Liftoff (Monitor), Truck mount and ground base plus pipe, quad stacked tips and style 5160 nozzle.

  • Features

    Powerful Streams

    • Full flow 3” waterway for lower friction loss
    • Cast-in turning vanes for efficient flow and lower water turbulence
    • Sturdy ground base helps maintain stability for high flows in portable mode - up to 800 gpm

    Wide Coverage

    • 360° rotation on deck mount
    • 180° rotation in portable mode (compared to 90° of competitive monitors)
    • Vertical travel 90° above to 15° below horizontal with a safety stop at 35°

    Simple Set Up

    • Easy, one-step disconnect from deck to portable operation
  • Specifications

    Style 3433
    Weight 31 lbs (14.1 kg)
    Type Portable
    Material Pyrolite
    Brand Apollo
    Width 14.56in (369.8mm)
    Height 15.25in (387.4mm)
    Depth 18.63in (473.2mm)