Akron Brass Style 3430 GP Manual Monitor

Akron Brass Style 3430 GP Manual Monitor

SKU: akrn3430

Multiple Configurations and options available. Contact EES or EES Sales Rep for more information and pricing.


The GP Manual Monitor is the most cost effective, highest performing 1000gpm firefighting monitor found worldwide. The rugged, lightweight design was engineered using advanced computer aided design and testing technology.


The 1000 gpm rated monitor shall have a DN80 or 3" ANSI flanged inlet 2.5" waterway with a 2.5" NH discharge outlet. The discharge outlet shall have a built in stream shaper element. The vertical and horizontal travel locks shall incorporate round manual knobs. A “T" handle tiller bar shall be provided for vertical and horizontal position adjustment. Enhanced, compact design provides for less tip weight which translates to lower handle operating force. The monitor height shall not exceed 14-7/16" from the flange to the top of the outlet elbow (less nozzle) when in the vertical position. All elbows shall have cast-in turning vanes. The monitor shall have a vertical travel of 135° and horizontal travel of 360°.

  • Features

    GP Manual Monitor

    - Rated flow up to 1000 gpm (3800 lpm)
    - Rotation Continuous 360°
    - Elevation +90° to -45°
    - Cast-in turning vanes & integrated removable stream shaper for maximum reach and stream performance
    - Built in pressure gauge
    -''T'' handle manual control provides precise, easy positioning and control
    - Compact, efficient design requires minimum mounting space Nozzle

    - Style 487 GP Smooth Bore Tip 1 1/4'', 1 3/8'', 1 1/2''
    - Style 489 Smooth Bore Tip 1 3/4'', 2''
    - Style 4445 & Style 4447 Nozzles
    - Style 5147 Adjustable Flow
    - Style 5150 Automatic
    - Style 1545 SaberMaster
    - 2420 Triple Stacked Tips Foam Nozzle Options
    - Style 4445 & Style 4447 Fog Nozzle with 3621 Foam Tubes
    - Style 4475 Akrofoam
    - Style 3625 Foam Tube
    - Style 3626 Foam tube with Dispersion Jaws

  • Specifications

    Style 3430
    Weight 15.4 lbs (7 kg)
    Type Deck Pipe
    Material Pyrolite
    Brand GP Manual
    Width 11in (279.4mm)
    Height 13.25in (336.55mm)
    Depth 9.8in (248.9mm)