Akron Brass Style 3419 Apollo PE | Portable Electric Fire Monitor

Akron Brass Style 3419 Apollo PE | Portable Electric Fire Monitor

SKU: akrn3419

Multiple Configurations and options available. Contact EES or EES Sales Rep for more information and pricing.


The Apollo PE Monitor combines high flow capability with a self-contained battery and electronic control system.

In deck mode, the Apollo PE provides 1250 gpm with 355 degrees horizontal rotation.

In portable mode, the Apollo PE provides an industry leading 1000 gpm with 180 degrees horizontal rotation.

This portable electric monitor is an excellent choice for firefighting, exposure control, Haz-Mat mitigation and more.


Base package includes: Apollo PE Portable Electric Monitor with Single Inlet Ground Base, 3505 Storage Bucket, Handheld Wireless Control, Panel Mount CAN Control, Truck Mount Flange, Truck Power Harness and 5177 Akromatic Nozzle.

  • Features

    • Wireless control
    • Lightweight Pyrolite® construction
    • Integrated and sealed electronics
    • Waterproof (IP 67 rated) locking connectors
    • Simple “plug and play” installation
    • 355° rotation range on truck
    • 180° rotation range on ground base
    • +75°, - 20° elevation range on truck
    • +75°, +35° elevation range on ground base
    • 12V or 24V operation
    • Quick change rechargeable battery system
    • 3 hour battery life flowing
    • 1000 gpm continuous oscillation

    Nozzle Options

    • Style 5177 Akromatic 1250 Electric Master Stream Nozzle
    • Style 2499 Quad Stacked Deluge Tips
    • Style 2498 Triple Stacked Tips
    • Style 3485 Mini Stream Shaper

      CAN Control Options

      • Style 6035 CAN Proportional Speed Joystick
      • Style 6041 CAN Panel Mount Control Station
  • Specifications

    An Akron Brass 1250gpm rated electric monitor, item 34190001, with a single waterway and lightweight Pyrolite construction shall be provided. The monitor shall have cast-in turning vanes in each elbow and fully enclosed motors and gears with permanently attached manual overrides for both horizontal and vertical rotation. The horizontal and vertical motors shall be capable of being operated simultaneously. The monitor shall not to exceed 13" high and 15" wide. The monitor shall have elevation control from 75° above to 20° below horizontal with an elevation safety stop at 35° above horizontal. The monitor shall have a rotation range of 355° when installed on the truck mount flange and 180° when installed on the portable ground base (dual inlet or single inlet). The portable ground base shall have folding legs that do not require a locking mechanism to stay in place. The portable ground base shall have five carbide tipped spikes and permanently attached safety chain. The monitor shall be capable of flowing up to 1250 gpm when attached to the truck mount flange, up to 1000 gpm when attached to the single inlet portable ground base, or 800 gpm when attached to the dual inlet portable ground base. The control system shall include a sealed enclosure and connectors to resist water intrusion. The control system shall be compatible with 12 or 24 volt systems. The control system shall use an on board battery power source that can be removed without tools to facilitate quick changes from a depleted battery to a charged battery. The control system shall connect to vehicle power through a single, two pin connector that supplies both battery charging current and monitor operation current. The monitor shall be capable of being controlled wirelessly or through a control area network (CAN) control station. Each control station shall control the vertical and horizontal rotation of the monitor, the pattern of the nozzle, and automatic oscillation.


    • Monitor Weight (Less Nozzle): 45 lbs (20.45 kg)
    • Ground Base Weight:
      • Single Inlet – 38 ½ lbs. (17.5 kg.)
      • Dual Inlet – 32 lbs. (14.5 kg)