Oil Based Smoke Machine

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Smoke training used to be a nightmare for instructors using glycol based smokers that frequently clogged, produced rapidly dissipating smoke that burned when inhaled, and left slippery residue on surfaces. That all changed with the introduction of Super Vac’s environmental friendly, mineral oil based Cloud 9 Smoker and Cloud 9 Super Smoker, which produce huge amounts of pure white smoke.

The Cloud 9 Series Smokers do not cause breathing discomfort, have superior hang time, and leaves no slippery residue, creating an easier and safer training environment.

These units are durable with a full frame design for long-term protection, featuring a CO2 propellant in place of a pump and a Automatic Cleaning Cycle that runs every time the machine is used.

A fold down handle ensures easy storage and cushion tires make transportation of the unit a breeze. The unit is completely self contained, complete with CO2 bottle, fogger, fluid storage rack, and remote control.

The Cloud 9 Smoker features a single outlet for producing smoke, while the Super Smoker features two, in order to double the output. The Super Smoker requires 220 VAC.

Change your next training nightmare into a dream with a Cloud 9 Series smoke machine.

Requires CO2 and Cloud 9 Fluid