IMMI SmartDock SCBA Bracket

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SmartDock® is a hands-free SCBA holder for fire apparatus. This strap-free docking station offers single-motion SCBA insertion and hands-free release when the firefighter stands up to exit the seat. In the event of a collision, the top claws lock from inertial forces for a secure hold, preventing the cylinder from becoming a projectile.

SmartDock is engineered so one model fits nearly all SCBAs used in today’s U.S. fire departments. With its low profile, SmartDock can retrofit to a wide variety of SCBA seats.


When called to action, firefighters need to move quickly, so speed and efficiency are critical in transit. Current SCBA holders require firefighters to operate release levers and cumbersome straps that can become entangled with seat belts and firefighting gear.

SmartDock provides single-motion insertion of the SCBA, holds the cylinder securely in place while in transit and releases using no straps or levers.


  1. The firefighter simply sets the SCBA into the SmartDock base and gently pushes it into the upper claw.
  2. Check to make sure the SmartDock is properly adjusted. If the cylinder is difficult to insert, turn the knob on top of the SmartDock clockwise to raise the claw. If it is too loose, turn the knob counterclockwise to lower the claw.
  3. SmartDock holds the tank securely during transit and locks it in place in the event of a crash.
  4. SmartDock is the first SCBA holder that releases the tank with no levers or straps. Once the SCBA is strapped on, simply bend at the waist and stand up to release the tank from the upper claw.


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