Glycol Based Smoke Machine

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The London Fogger is a traditional glycol-based smoke machine that is designed with safety and durability in mind for departments on a budget in need of a quality training aid.
These units are equipped with Super Vac’s exclusive Auto Extract System (AES) that extracts fluid from the heating module after smoke production. The AES prevents residual buildup, clogging, and reduces incidental puffing. This maintains a longer life than other traditional foggers.
The London Fogger is compact, only 26 lbs, for easy transportation. It features a remote control with a 50 foot extension cord (100 foot optional) to help make the next training exercise go extra smooth.
London Foggers are available in 110 VAC or 220 VAC versions. When your department needs to double the output, the London Super Fogger is the perfect choice featuring double the outputs for creating smoke. The London Super fogger requires 220 VAC.

Requires London Fogger Fluid.