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Safety on the road is a major concern for most drivers, and when you manage commercial fleet vans, it becomes crucial to minimize the risk wherever you can. Worrying about whether drivers are driving safely and respectfully on the road can be difficult, especially if an incident has already occurred. One way to make things easier for yourself and your crew is to get technology on your side. Here are some ways that innovations in technology can help minimize fleet risk.

Driver Monitoring

Fleet management systems like DriveCams can monitor not only the vehicles, but the driver as well. Instead of waiting for an incident or complaint, management can monitor certain criteria such as speeding or other behaviors. Many of these systems can be integrated with a back-office system automatically sending data to management. This will help management resolve issues before poor driving performance on the road negatively affects a brand. To that end, Ryder Systems recently announced it is installing DriveCam technology in its commercial vehicle fleet that is expected to significantly reduce the number of incidents by targeting top driving behaviors that affect fleet risk.

Help with Developing Safety Training Programs.

When you spend time and money training new or existing employees, you important topics may be missed. Fleet management systems can help spot training items that may have been overlooked and need attention. For instance, if the system notices multiple drivers with long idle times between calls, more training can be focused on time management. If poor driving habits are brought to the surface, management can incorporate training that reinforces drivers of the impact these behaviors have on tire wear and other issues that could increase maintenance costs. These systems can also provide analytical reports allowing management to develop a training curriculum that improves driver and vehicle safety standards for the company.

Improved Results over a Shorter Time Frame

Fleet management technology doesn’t just help spot poor driving behaviors or improve driver training. It also helps drivers improve performance on their own. Individual drivers may not be aware of behaviors that the system considers improper, or is contributing to excessive vehicle wear. Technology such as maintenance monitoring and DriveCams can help commercial drivers take the initiative to improve their driving performance and take better care of the vehicle.

Driver Safety Impacts Your Business

Improving driver and vehicle safety doesn’t just prevent accidents and complaints, though these can both become costly enough. It also boosts the bottom line by allowing companies to promote safety standards that helps gain a competitive advantage and retain employees. And that’s a win-win for everyone.


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