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Pump Service

Emergency Equipment Sales, LLC (EES) provides the most intense and detailed preventive maintenance service available at an affordable cost. We understand that having apparatus ready for all emergencies and incidents is important and when the apparatus is serviced, all areas of function and dependability must be examined. We provide that thorough inspection and service of your pump and plumbing system. During our service, we utilize a detailed checklist through out the service which is then provided to you noting any areas that need attention. Don’t settle for any ordinary company to service and repair your apparatus, contact us, the experts in emergency equipment.

1. Lubricate all intakes, drains and discharge valves (flush nylon).
2. Lubricate, clean and inspect control linkages.
3. Inspect and adjust pump packing if needed.
4. Check and lube hose reels.
5. Check priming oil level and weep hole (add if needed).
6. Test priming motor, valve operation and pump.
7. Test transfer and relief valves for proper operation.
8. Test high pressure and foam pumps if applicable.
9. Check all gauges for proper operation.
10. Check water tank for leaks.
11. Check pump and piping for leaks.
12. Lube and check pump shift operation.
13. Change pump transmission oil.
14. Change high pressure and foam pump gear box oil.
15. Check ball valves & drains for bleeding by.
16. Check auxiliary cooler lines and operation.
17. Check panel lights and accessories.
18. Check all electrical connections.
19. Vacuum test pump.
20. Pressure test pump.
21. Inspect auto lube. (Hale, & New American Pumps).
22. Grease bearings. (Waterous, & American Pumps).
23. Test governor operation (if applicable).
23. Check compartment lighting.
24. Lube compartment latches and hinges.
25. Check transmission lock-up.
26. Complete safety inspection.
27. Engage pump and inspect all components for proper operation and adjustment. Lubricate shifting mechanism. Check air shift for leaks.
28. Complete a full operational test.
29. Check and tighten pump drive shaft bolts