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Ladder/Tower Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance and inspection of aerial/ladder/platform:
1.  Inspect and test PTO operation.
2.  Inspect hydraulic fluid level and condition.
3.  Inspect all hydraulic lines, cylinders and valves.
4.  Inspect manual override systems.
5.  Inspect and lube rotation and flex joints.
6.  Inspect, clean and lube jacks and outriggers (If recommended by mfg.).
7.  Inspect and lube cables, bearings and rollers.
8.  Inspect ladder locks (if applicable).
9.  Inspect rungs and welds.
10. Check nozzle rotation and operation (If applicable).
11. Check extension, rotation and elevation operation.
12. Lube nozzle and waterway.
13. Check electrical systems and gauges.
14. Check for hydraulic leaks.
15. Check safety devices for proper operation.
16. Lube flex joints on platform.
17. Check platform leveling.
18. Check platform welds.
19. Send sample of hydraulic oil for analysis.
20. Complete safety inspection.
21. Replace system filters if required. (Additional cost.)
22. Check all gauges associated with the platform and ladder
23. Check all mounted items on ladder and platform
24. Check operation of intercom system (If Applicable)
25. Check lights on ladder and platform
26. Lubricate valves in platform