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Chassis Service

Emergency Equipment Sales, LLC (EES) provides the most intense and detailed preventive maintenance service available on all makes and models of apparatus at an affordable cost. We understand that having apparatus ready for all emergencies and incidents is important and when the apparatus is serviced, all areas of function and dependability must be examined. We provide that thorough inspection and service of your chassis and transmission. During our service, we utilize a detailed checklist through out the service which is then provided to you noting any areas that need attention. Don’t settle for any ordinary company to service and repair your apparatus, contact us, the experts in emergency equipment with over 100+ years experience.

Below is an example list of some items provided with our chassis and transmission services:

1. Change engine oil and filter(s).

2. Change fuel filters, primary and secondary (diesel).

3. Inspect coolant level, condition, cap, and freeze point.

4. Change coolant filter (if applicable).

5. Inspect all drive belts condition and proper tension (adjust if needed).

6. Inspect all coolant hoses condition and clamps. Ensure tightness

7. Check power steering fluid level and condition (add if needed)

8. Check all gauges for proper operation and function.

9. Inspect air filter condition and intake system. (If dirty, customer to be notified. Will not be changed unless instructed to by customer)

10. Inspect transmission mounts, linkage, oil level and condition.

11. Inspect for any oil, water and fuel leaks.

12. Inspect battery acid level, hydrometer reading and load test.

13. Clean battery terminals and coat with terminal protectant.

14. Inspect charging system to ensure system is properly charging batteries and alternator is performing to specification.

15. Grease entire chassis.

16. Grease entire driveline.

17. Inspect rear(s) seals, oil level and condition.

18. Inspect airlines, air dryer and air fittings.

19. Check tires air pressure and wear, adjust pressure if necessary

20. Inspect front end for looseness and steering components.

21. Inspect warning and running light operation.

22. Bleed air brake system of moisture.

23. Check for proper air compressor and air system (moisture removal) operation

24. Inspect chassis and body for loose or missing bolts

25. Inspect starting and charging systems.

26. Visual brake lining inspection and components (Adjust brakes).

27. Inspect all accessories

28. Inspect springs and all suspension components

29. Inspect exhaust system

30. Tighten driveshaft bolts

31. Top off any low fluid level that are not changed during service

32. Inspect all safety and warning devices including load manager and sirens

33. Inspect lug nuts for tightness

34. Inspect Air Conditioning Operation if applicable

35. Check wheel bearing fluid levels

36. Check compartment lighting

37. Inspect windshield wipers, blades and washer operation

38. Inspect steering performance

39. Inspect and test on board battery charger / conditioner / air pump

40. Inspect brake chambers

41. Inspect and test cab tilt system

42. Inspect and test emergency engine shutdown

43. Complete safety inspection

44. Connect computer diagnostic equipment to check for any codes in engine, transmission, driveline and other areas of the apparatus.


Above are most of the items we inspect and perform on every chassis service we perform. EES is committed to ensure that your apparatus is safe, dependable and properly serviced. Contact EES today for a custom tailored service program for your department that meets your budget needs.